Jan. 1, 2021

Launching JFTalks.com on LinkedIn Live

Launching JFTalks.com on LinkedIn Live


And here we go all right we're live I didn't realize we're recording here. Okay, and we are live on the podcast here and then we're live on LinkedIn okay we're live on the podcast we are live on LinkedIn, and we are also live on. Let me do present mode for auto right here let's get this thing set up

Capture One. I think there we go,

is a live brainstorm trying to get ideas that are rattling around inside the head outside the head, also decided to launch a live. Ooh, that, that link is a little bit messy but that's okay if you want to come on live to the session, you'll see the link here in the you know down below in the captions there. If anybody wants to come on live to the session, you're more than welcome to do so. We're also recording this live for a podcast got it going on the neck desk here. So this is launched today, decided, I've got about 450 episodes at Justin Finkelstein talks.com and decided to get a pod page. What is pod page.com, which is a website that is optimized for a thing is pod page not pod pages is a pod page. Yeah, it's a website that is optimized for for podcasts are starting to put those out there, so I'm recording this live on spreaker, there is an opportunity if somebody wants to join in live and spreaker will be able to do that in the future, but yet won't start. The whole idea has now got a website, and now can actually start to more formalized elephants formalized sort of production alized. The taking some of the ideas that we talked about and turn them into some real things out in the world so excited about this Chris is joining us. Chris let's see welcome Hey Chris how are you.

Hi, how are you,

I'm doing excellent thanks a lot for joining it so that link worked okay

yes or no.

I just saw you a second ago and then you can't you Come on, sort of shadowy on online, and then you come on shadow and then you come on live. So, yeah, thanks a lot for. Thanks a lot for joining. And how are you. how's your new year been.

New Year, spin, great. You event on sand yesterday.

Yeah that's right yeah we were I was out cold at like 930 and then woke up at midnight for the, for the ball drop.

But still, our, our event went on until 5:30am,

of course it did. Oh, yes, was anything like that was anything burned at midnight.

No, it went from 1130, Eastern to 530. Awesome.

Awesome. so what are you excited about for 2021.

I'm excited for COVID.

Right. What's your prediction when are you going to have your vaccine.


you're gonna have, you're gonna be July. Yes. Okay, I think my mom is probably going to be in the next month or so.

Yeah. Yeah,

so it's um, I think that's an exciting time. I'm also update after our conversation about rural revitalization. Um, so I reached out to link right afterwards we met yesterday two days ago, and we're meeting again on Monday really inspired by the stuff that that he's doing. And I didn't get there the domains one of my neighbors gave me a hard time I didn't get the name rural revitalization. I got revitalization but I spelled arches me I call it vitalization. But I spelled vitalization wrong so we'll see what we're gonna actually do with that. Um, I don't know the right one might be gone but I think we're revitalizations a little bit too much to chew on

rejuvenation but that sounds


What about rural revival Bible


I like roll revival. Yeah, we should pop in with some of the domains, but I like the whole. I like the whole idea. So,

it's revitalization is. Yes, and say, roll revival rural. I don't know what else what else begins in our on our

walks to figure it out if anybody's here please feel free to leave in the comments. Any ideas for


and. But yeah, had a great conversation, I've got to remember the name. Ultra remember the name of the not for profit, but really interesting stat for every new job every new tech job that create gets created in a rural area. We're all area, it has a knock on effect of four point we'll call it 4.5 additional jobs that actually get created so I'm excited. I'm excited about. I'm excited about the possibilities. They've got a center in butcher in Iowa, I can't remember exactly what city was with they're actually launching so really excited we're talking again and really thank you so much and, yeah, I've heard from

the SEC shortage in America.

Yeah. Yeah, and I think, I think it's interesting I think there's been a lot of people will place it behind right you know there's definitely, there's been a focus on the large cities, um, you know, there's really again really inspiring stuff that's going, obviously in Silicon Valley that's everything is going on for a while. I think there's going to be a inspiring. I want to call it a revitalization but a, you know, New York coming back even though, you know, and then all this stuff that's going on in Miami, but the times that that stuff. The focus on the large cities is going to create more of a divide, um, you know in some of the some of the rural areas so pretty you know I think it's exciting. It's exciting to be able to bring back and selfishly, to be able to spend more time in Goldsboro Pennsylvania than in New York City will be exciting for me so yeah thank you for that introduction and. Much appreciated and that conversation has weights and as I said I people, you know I say at the end of the eyes like oh there's only a couple of people think you're listening to the end of the things you've got to be dedicated and so people heard that conversations I think was pretty inspiring once Thank you. Wow.


Yeah. What other if anybody wants to come online you got the link here it's a little bit of a heavy link. Um, and I guess you had no problem. Did you come in through the through the new website,

Facebook, you came

through Facebook but how did you get here live. Did you, did you. Oh awesome okay perfect


Yeah, it's brand new, um, I got a pod page, I got a pod page. A new startup which is a website that is designed for podcasts and the other thing that I'm really excited about, which you can start checking out for which I want to start messing around with is Google Analytics, so I can actually see real time. There's two people on the site right now. How did people hear you. Let's see if we can see see your yep your basic location so you can see I'm just I'm, I've been obsessed with Google Analytics for a while and just haven't had the time and the energy to be able to focus on where people are actually coming from so yes, you've got it here's who's live It's me. I found that Sylvania Yes So for the last. Yeah, it's the heavy is me coming in a bunch of times and you coming in. So I want to start to sort of optimize sort of workflow and then, and then take some of these ideas so this is also getting recorded live as a podcast right now so immediately after this this will be an episode on how to be an episode on on jF talks, these are uploaded automatically then we'll get the transcript uploaded there and then just figure out what pieces we want to pull apart. To turn something into, so it's I'm talking a bunch here but tell me what what are you excited about for 2021. Trump.

Joe Biden. All right. Bring in the clean energy jobs. And we're gonna see more jobs in rural America,

more and more jobs in rural America I think there's yeah huge

white people and yes people everywhere right behind. They're not gonna be one anymore.

Yeah, I think it's interesting right i think is what do you I don't get too much into what do you feel in China and us, what are you feeling as far as like 2022, are we going to be in a tighter relationship, more, more mischief Where do you think that's going, Oh, without

a doubt there will be more mischief on China's part China is going to continue to commit espionage in the United States. Commit corporate IP theft hacking target systems influence our actions, and under the Democratic administration, we will be continuing to on to basically say no to China, and you smoke tighter relations with Europe and other countries in Asia to hold China accountable for its, its actions.

Okay. All right. So we went down the political route. What can it

be Joe Biden, all right well yeah

one perspective yeah so what can we do to from the optimistic perspective, perspective, what can we do from, what can we do better to build relationships with some of our friends from from overseas.

He will rejoin the Paris accord. To show our commitment to oval fit fighting climate change. Yeah, we will strengthen our strengthen our strengthen our relationships with our allies, like the EU and the UK and established trade pacts, and stronger relationships with our allies like to add all of the. All of the advanced democracies and the capitalist economy. You're gonna run into tighter is Joe Biden. He has experience as a vice president, working with four Americans, and we're not going to be the laughingstock of the world and I hope we will even partner and perfect, and everywhere else, we will make sure that we get our is America we get our fair standing world.

All right, so partnership on climate change. Okay, perfect. All right, moving out of the political arena. What do you think, if somebody was to do a startup in 2021, either internal startup or an external startup, what would you recommend.

Oh, it depends. Is your risk tolerance, meaning your question. You know, are you willing to take on more risk. Hmm. In other words, financially, are you doing if you're if you're doing like really well and you, and you have a sense that you have an art material spirit and ambition, you should start your own corporate entity. Got it. You have. I don't know like our sarens is a various financial reasons, then you should do an entrepreneurial role they didn't, an organization. Yeah, so that can build up your reserves. Yeah. Once it's at 80% of your salary that you want to be earning, then like I would say start jumping ship, and not doing both at the same time, your external startup and working internally within an org. Yeah but, I mean, eventually, you know, the idea is for us to go into the. So there is this book by Frederick blue are reinventing organizations. And most of us in corporate America. We're just Harper corporations in general, we work for org orange organizations which are highly, highly hire tight tightly coupled and executives are all about. I want to create this employee but there are a lot of power structures, and you're on proceeds that are not conducive towards being your best self worth and embracing employee happiness, and basically how organizations should work post taylorism were no longer in factories and we should be working as a modern organization to be more agile capital a dial in or a dial and evidently modern organizations are not working that way, isn't the way that things are structured for. So, what agile Coaching Institute, which was acquired by solutions IQ and then, and then a center. A. Lisa I see the partners there from coaching agile and agile Coaching Institute, they said, you should really start your own company with other agile types of leaders, rather than saying within a corporation. Interesting that it's not going to work. They, they keep on with the organization. It's not the dot this way of working, and we shouldn't resign backward transforming.

Interesting. So yeah.

Yeah, I mean the way that I look, I mean

it's an interesting opportunity right there is I mean I look at. Um, I like working inside large organization so it's also very nice like you get a runway for doing a lot of different things when you've got the cash flows, coming from working inside a large organization I think that's a little bit of a that's that's a big piece. Um, but then it's um it's like a portfolio approach like how much you're going to invest right in, how much you're gonna invest in, in a career in a large organization you know so I think there's, there's a career type role. There's a job type role, which pays the bills in the short term, and there are me think again, I'm looking at it like a gig right you know and there might be an opportunity for a career to catch a vision around something. And, but more so like like, you know, I think, I think really the future is a bunch of different gigs, to be able to work with and maybe some of that is inside of a large one in which a lot of advantages, and some of that smaller organization and then within the experimental solopreneurs. So, looking at it almost like a. Yeah, it's it's a mo I'm working with a coach right now it looks like a stool a three prong stool, you know, and it's just, if you've got all of those, all those things working in concert I think it can make it can make sense right and it's but the other one piece that it was just like, what I've had to make a decision about personally is do I want to spend in like the recruiting process which is just mind numbing process so I just, you know, and, um, you know, going through the interviewing process and the ghosting process and all that stuff which is change the soul to actually get a role that you've got really no idea if it's gonna work when you actually get in there right you don't you know you'll know what something's actually gonna be until you get in there so I've chosen more to, I was bumped into building and then also more getting drunk around the pocket with the stuff that was already doing. I launched the site that has now has 450 on it already. Now just starting to make them, you know a little bit more better and easier to work with. So long rant.

I sort of like your idea of starting a company and then exiting it selling it to a big company and they sort of acquired you. Yeah, that's a very very interesting approach that a lot of people have taken.

Yeah. If you don't know how it's actually gonna work out but it's a good resume right it's a good resume for other like this is a resume for them. Nice to see like somebody want to know who I am, what I'm talking about. It's here, it's like, you know, in the moment. More than a one page piece of paper or a scripted interview. That doesn't necessarily show what the reality is now the ideal exit would be to sell yeah to sell something into the company. Yeah, I said it's all, you know, my main. The way I'm thinking about monetization again is, I think the biggest value that comes out well there's the relationship, there's the human aspect from a business perspective, this transcript show the web site, it's, it's got SEO and, you know, $1 of SEO revenue per month is worth about $30 of value. So, that is. So a lot of this that's why I do these things I mean that's not why I do these things by myself. You don't have to get ideas in a world that are not rattling around, but from a business perspective the most valuable thing that comes out of this is the transcription because you're going to forget. I'm going to forget what we actually talked about but the transcription will be in except you know we're probably not going to go back and watch this video. But the transcript will be. It's going to be on the web. And we'll see what sort of SEO juice comes out of it. So it's an interesting approach. I feel like I'm talking too much. What other questions do I have for you, Chris what questions you have a me,

what do you what do you what do you forward to in this coming year, 2021, or time,

I put I put. I put together. I wrote it up this morning I did my sketch so yeah definitely more family time about want to work together. Every single day, and then more self expression I'm really excited about I'm very excited about having this website. I'm very excited about it. Like, you know just taking ideas that are rattling around inside the head like this again just starting to get the framework, you know around of like, I'm gonna come on and brainstorm at a undisclosed time, and I'm either going to talk about stuff that I'm talking about or other people are going to join the conversation. I'm excited to do this. I'm more excited about the walking and talking and being able to do some of this stuff in the wild. Also skiing and snowboarding is a new one. You know, like that's our new obsession that has started over the last over the last week.

Oh really, you guys have been doing that for years,

no now it's brand new brand new

your unit you, none of you have ever skied or snowboarded before. Now,

I think I maybe I have one now but the kids haven't, and so I'm deciding if I'm going to or not.

Next month, are you. I mean this month.

Yeah, ski or snowboard.

I'm a skier. I've been skiing since 2014.

Awesome. Um, where do you go, you go to Tahoe.

I go to Tahoe I used to go do upstate New York. Now I go to Taco

awesome where'd you go in upstate New York.

I went to multiple ski resorts, remembering the names anymore. Yeah, all the major ones I've been to.

Yeah, we've got a pretty dialed in. So it's about 30 minutes. Once we get there you go one way and kids can get on to the you know they're um they're just on the bunny that many times they're just learning. But we get that we got this we got our own. I'm sorry.

surpass all us yeah

oh it's quick Yeah, because they're there, they're fearless and then we've got this library that can hang out and then I'm there. Um, that I you know I watch and hang out. Next, and do a little bit of work while we're hanging out the mountains. I think I'm gonna make neck just faking 20, this is going to be.

Oh really.

Yes, I've already got four or five converts. Um, so yeah it's the next number one, um, neck desk is a big one and then number two voice controls on the iPhone Have you ever done that.

I don't know, can you elaborate on what you mean by that,

I can't yeah I can't I can't demo it right now is, some of you do uh Hey Siri activate voice control so first of all you want to have Siri activated by voice, if these are payphone people. You want to have Siri activate by voice. Let's do capture, its controls. And what happens is, uh, um, yeah so you have Syriac psycho say hey Siri, uh, activate voice controls, and then it starts. And then what happens is you get a menu of numbers on your screen and then you just call out the numbers which represents attack. Right, and so affiliates, you're controlling your, your interest base you own with numbers and it works really well, I've got the gyroscope app. It's amazing, you

control your interfaces,

they'll show up with numbers like often some of the different buttons. Oh, yeah. It's pretty effective like we're I'm not so good with it yet is like dictating something and they've got the numbers there, it's not so great like if I do an otter message, it's, it's hard to pick up what I'm actually saying that's, you know, it's like, that's beacons. So when you're doing voice on top you're doing like typing activities. It's absolutely brilliant. So I think I'll be completely hands free. I have to right now because when I'm walking in the woods to take my gloves off to be able to do anything is a lot of fun, that goes along with that, to get so I had my way to be able to to go but yeah it's voice runs. A lot of the stuff that I do, I use stripe for my hand. And I can activate right for free.

The other things are

automations you know just other iPhones, so I'll get up and so one of the things I know I'll start like, you know, long way to a free hug wait and then you know I'm waiting myself and I'll say, you know what is your weight, weighing in at today and then it activates a strap and checks that off of something that I did, and logs my weight my gyroscope in my Apple Health, though. Um, yeah I'm gonna be hopefully completely hands free by the end of 2012.

What is the next test sentence,

what's right it's like almost like a statement. But I use it and back desk, so I I'm using my phone right now so I can't activate the voice controls. I'm using it to record this. But yeah, that's this. So I walked through the woods I'm hands free and I got my, I got my phone.

Oh, wow. Yeah, okay, you told me about that my son. I recommend this chair, I'm not, not my sponsor. Mr gaming chair. Another friend that's gone

I've actually got it as well.


my issue was I have to have a high stool, I don't know if it goes high enough because I'm my desk, I got I cheaped out on the standing desk and now it won't lower. So I've got to have my chair raised to the level of the, of the standing desk, but I think, a friend of mine, my friend Bernie I think's got that.

Oh yeah. Yeah, he's, he's very. He's an early adopter. So you mentioned that. Yes. What do they coach on. Yeah, good.

Yeah, he is. Um, his name is Daniel stone, I met him on box. Did you remember blab blab was a blog was like this effectively right you know but it was, it was, um, it was like a video. People like somebody would host a blab and people would come on and he was doing coaching but he does a lot of. He's a back person what are they, what do they call chiropractor by training but he does a lot of stuff instead of hypnotherapy and hypnotic language, we're actually working on yac asynchronous, so he'll do two coaches so I check in every single morning. And, and he coaches me every day into work every single day and then it's just, you know, and it's basically tuned up like that's really where it comes down to, if I'm tuned up, so like one of the things we're working on like it's like I launched this website, you know, how do I like this what I want to do I want to Winton talk and I want I want basically all my work to be walking and talking and or it's gonna be much more keyboard time and I don't want to be doing too much, too much screen time, and then out traditionally things work right make many percent of the roles that I would be doing right now and you know our zoom, our zoom heavy, you know, right there, like, um, you know, spending, I don't know six or seven hours a day on zoom. And so I was just like, Look, this is what's up right right I don't like when I come into this website they're like what's focused, who's who's who's the audience audience to the website or the people on the web. On the website well however, with that said that they want to get out of it but based on that, that's opposed to, but it's you know it's it's people who are attracted to the brain. So all right that's the one so like, so it was like it's a little weird right at the front way of being able to think of stuff. And then, then the normal way so he coasts, like, like, like, empower that when I speak it. It doesn't it make makes more sense to me when I speak it but when I like when I think about in my head that you should just go and work in a large company, you know, get a nice salary and all that and play, you know, play that whole game that's what the head tells you to do. So he just, you know, empowers me to add more balls. Oh, is that a way where it's like, oh, we can't happen also don't go completely blind to the large organization and stuff as well. So, when we see an analogy of that like that's cool of like that three pronged approach, this, this, I mean, this sort of, I love chatting with you. That's like the real value of this I don't like being in front of a monitor rather, to be I'd rather be doing this out in the woods. I'm doing the brainstorming. But, but, but this is actually becomes accessible to people. There's that aspect and there's all the credit for the connection with some of the corporates, so it's keeping the three prongs approach so it's all working like right you know our heart gets working so that's basically me on or wherever I get disempowered Give me back some power, and that has a lot of clarifying questions, and then also when I need a little bit of like brain wiring that as well.

Very similar You and I have a large organization but I'm also like an entrepreneurial type. Yeah. Um, so I would either be in the woods which I literally lived in the woods that's the name of our apartment complex Yes. So, and then my coach. My coach's name our wall and she also got nervous. So, yeah, one question I had for you is, I also hired, Ozzy Where's his self expression coach, love it, you say more self expression. She's very good at that. Yeah, what you mean by you wanted to push. What's this I

want, I

like the idea I really want to just push go on my phone and record and see what happens right point in time that you tap into the subconscious, and then just share that. And then create systems to make that consumable for people so it's useful for other people. It's also monitoring.

I literally want to do

three hour walks, every single day. I like sharing it because sharing it makes us, not just like us, or maybe makes us accountable for creating something that can be used for other people, but it's also good for getting feedback from other people. That's it. That's like my that's my love language. And talking.

My professional judgment.

You could say,

Okay, so my question is, walling and that's Alison walling and then

how you spell one.

Well, w l l i n g and Associates and then Yang's company's name coaching. I have, so I refer to it I have a semantic movement. Zoom that I hop on after that call. we have dramatic movements thing, which is, I actually did a I did an exercise. For them it was different. So that's how I think my eyes and two times a week physical therapy. Awesome.

What some movements can you say a little bit.

Yeah, I'll give you, I'll give you a screen. Actually, I can say can you see it sees your screen Yeah, I'm still sure what what I'll do, in the chat.

Is there it is focused on movements, it's basically the blend up, it's not anything, our intellect, our mind to use but using our body. So it's a yoga and dance lover together, and it's it's really a, there's this website on one Oh, a semantic web, where you can watch. So, as a movement of CEOs and I'm assessing, you don't like in the moment,

I get ya calm.

Ah, you don't like he will ya llv. Let's try that way why


actual their movement videos I'm gonna put them in a shot and see how you can put it up and looks like it's privately. Yep, I got.

If I can get I got the private shipping I think I get the public chat.

All right,

to the public chat.

Yeah. I told my purpose coach. Why and she, she alleges that she did not. She did a bunch of the movements.

Love it. Definitely check it out. Check out walling and associated hate thrive coaching somatic movements all right we got to see

her gonna have this key cue Oh ya want to say, I think you want to check it out.

Check out later.

Any other closing closing thoughts.

No that's everything from

Weiss watching X Files. I think I was actually watching Hannah Montana, um, they're watching.

Oh on,

it's not fun. But the, the older version so I decided to come on live I want more. I want to get more juice, up to the john f talks.com So yeah, that's every, that's where everything is. Go, if you can go check it out. There's no point. You just mess around with different stuff they're going to love to see what I can put that site to make it more valuable, I want to take a store like right I just want to take the ultimate goal is to have just a huge resource or a warehouse or topics you know so we'd have like a thrive coaching semantic network, calling an Associates all the things that we talked about this racer chair just has to do like a conversational way to to surface all these things that are important to us a little bit to get that go, but for right now it's just all said as a podcast with a Trekker manual George keep on playing with these things and then some of the conversation into real things. So, that's the idea.

How can you connected with pause juice and Suzanne, a she's a voice for your designer, and

I know her yes

I'll try I will, I'll reach out to her and I'm done. Yeah. Um, yeah i think that's interesting. Lately, um, yeah, Miss Anna,


yeah, cuz this is this is cool but just. If you do stuff asynchronously. Even better, you know, how do we have this like fun to connect this way to connect live. But if you do it asynchronously.

You can bring a bunch of conversation.

Alrighty, we'll have an amazing evening, and

anything special.

Thanks a lot, Chris.