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Working Offline

Work without Wifi and Cellular can bring us closer to the people in our lives?

Here is a rough transcript: So I remember in the early, early 2010 two that we talked about lifestyle, you know, laptop lifestyle, that was the big thing being able to work on work anywhere from your laptop, and then it's sort of moving over to cellular lifestyle, right? How much stuff can you get done on your cellular? And then I personally started thinking about how much stuff can I get done asynchronously while walking and talking, like, on my timeframe when I have the better amount of energy, and how's that start to connect with what other people are doing and what other people are creating what other people are building. Now, over the last couple of weeks, we started thinking about being offline a lot more what can get done without a Wi Fi connection without a cellular connection? What is yeah, what's the work that we can do without those, those connections, because when you have those connections, number one, it's always looking for a signal that's got to be impacting the brain in some way. But number two, we're getting all of these notifications that are coming in, that are designed to draw our attention to a particular act and draw our attention away from the one thing that we are creating in a moment. So the new obsession is how much stuff can get done without a Wi Fi without a cellular connection, to be able to work and right, just doing a whole bunch of different, my strategy is just putting in a whole bunch of different reps of times without Wi Fi and cellular downloading things. When I take my trip. Today, when we take our drive back, I've got all my podcasts actually downloaded onto onto my phone as opposed to searching from searching from the cellular connection. So different ways to be able to mobilize and operate. And but yeah, I've been thinking about how much can get done without a Wi Fi connection without a cellular connection, which actually is probably closer to like in person type experiences now.

Working Offline

What can be Done Offline and What Requires Wifi or Cellular

Here is a rough transcript: Hey, this is Justin had the interesting experience was on a cruise ship for about seven days and just got back to now walking into the woods and starting to look at what are those things that can b...