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Walk And Talk

Why I do Walk and Talk Recordings?

Here is a rough transcript: So I remember in the early, early 2010 two that we talked about lifestyle, you know, laptop lifestyle, that was the big thing being able to work on work anywhere from your laptop, and then it's sor...

Walk And Talk Brainstorm

Walk and Talk Brainstorm

Walk and Talk Brainstorm on 4-1-21 Below is a rough transcript: Justin Finkelstein 0:00 Hey, this is Justin, it's April 1 2021, I want to do a live, walking, walking, talking, brainstorm, recording this right now on Instagram, want to move over...

Walk And Talk

Daily Walk and Talk on 1-3-21

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Walk And Talk

#WalkandTalk in the Woods on 1-2-21

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