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Taking a Picture to Make Straight Through Processing of Podcasts Work

Here is a rough transcript: Okay, so here we go. And I've been messing around with loading images up to be able to use for my podcast. And what I think I'm going to be doing is taking real time images in the moment that are after we do our processing because I think they seem small enough and they seem to get through to all the services if we do it that way. So I'm testing that out right now. And solving the image proxy just adds another layer of workflow into our process we have to edit an image just to give a little I'm recording these things on phonic I started a production and the only like, normally I could just do straight through processing on the production but I've got to edit the image for each one of the episodes. So it comes off as something different on to comes up with something different on the on the back end. So what's the problem is the images that I have my phone are typically too big to to work for, for our processing. So that is why I've got to figure out another solution. I think the solution is going to be to take a picture in the moment to make it work. So that's what this is going to be an experiment with taking pictures in the moment to make our straight through processing of podcasts work.