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Creating Recordings Useful to Our Future Self and Almost Falling

Here is a rough transcript: Hey, this is Justin, it's September 12, doing daily walk and talk with the puppy and down by the waterfront. And I really gone back to one of my favorite ways of operating, getting ideas that are rattling around inside the head outside the head. So hopefully, I'll record for a decent hour now. A good hour, and just putting out different clips and ideas that are rattling around inside the head and outside of the head into a potentially useful and I can typically go stream of consciousness and if something pops into the mind, like some fear pops into the mind. And then there's a stock there's a little bit of a pause, and there's a little bit of a distraction and probably go on, throw away words, you know, just say some random things. And the moment and then we can actually get back to it. So the whole idea of these brain dumps brainstorms is to go directly from like thoughts in the brain and then have them spew out to the world. Now, a thought we have I think about 60,000 thoughts every single day. A thought by itself isn't necessarily useful. And they're fleeting, right? They go and for good reasons, right? Most aren't necessarily useful. So only a small percentage of the things that get talked about or spoken about, make, make a difference in and can be impactful. But if we don't have them recorded, and accessible to our future selves, then they aren't useful. So the whole idea is to go on a walk, which is great. Because now the puppy gets to gets to be outside and gets to do the walk. I get to get some of the ideas rattling around inside the head outside the head into a way where they can potentially be useful. And my future. My future self can potentially access these things later, I can just almost slipped. Gotta watch this. This entrance here.

Future Self Personal Knowledge Management

Doing Work that Our Future Self Can Access

Here is a rough transcript: Hey, this is Justin. So I've been reading $100 million offers. And Alex Hermoza was the the name of the offer and talks about the equation for making a huge offer. And there is there's the potential, the perceived...