Dec. 31, 2020

Brainstorming Strategies For All

This episode is in responses to a question requesting I explain some brainstorming strategies.

To discuss further, please connect at

This episode is in responses to a question requesting I explain some brainstorming strategies.

To discuss further, please connect at


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Hey, this is Justin it is New Year's Eve and I did a LinkedIn post yesterday talking about new venture ideas to reality and got a comment from McHale Dubinsky.

I believe I'm pronouncing his first name correctly. Okay, we only spoke once on a jam session. But I believe that is correct. I do apologize if that's not a core pronunciation, your first name if you're hearing this. And so what Yeah, so it was like, like, talk a little bit about some of the brainstorming strategies was basically the summary. So let me start with here. I got this message about 1148. My wife was watching x files in the background. But one of the important things for me is to get ideas outside of the head and get them communicated in some way word satisfaction. Now I probably shouldn't have been looking at the at the message at 1148 at night, but I did. So what I did is I did a sketch, and the sketch is going to be in the thumbnail for this for this episode. It's not going to be easy to see. Hopefully that this will get Yeah, this will get communicated what as I did, I created the sketch. And I took a picture of the sketch and I put it in the comments. Now it wouldn't make a ton of sense in that format. But what it does is it relieves the conscious mind from like, Look, we don't have to deal with this problem in the moment because the challenge is the conscious mind when it thinks about two things at a time. Like I should go to sleep or I should do this sketch. It's like I need to be doing this thing right now. So it starts relieving the conscious mind. So let me talk a little bit about the sketch. I started the center just wrote brainstorm ideas at the center has like let me create a little bit of a wireframe. And a wireframe is a framework to work around. Like here's the stilts around what we're working with here to start a summer like we want to work with inside of inside of these constraints. Now, here's number one. What is my headspace? Like? How am I feeling in the moment? Am I empowered and my disempowered if I'm disempowered, I prefer to do some work to get back to a place of being empowered and some mental work just figuring out what's causing the disempower. But, you know, if I'm empowered, then we can start to move forward and, and make some force, I think that's important. Because the quick brainstorming we want to be able to do is to tap into our subconscious mind. And if we're brainstorming by ourselves, it's our single subconscious, we're brainstorming in a group of people, we want to tap into the mastermind, which is sort of the collective subconscious, the space between us because typically, if we could solve this problem, like with our conscious mind, then we would have done that already, right, there wouldn't even be necessary to be able to to do this work. So we want to be able to tap into the subconscious because the the the conscious mind isn't really good at creativity, the conscious mind is really good at creating a safe with some of the work that we're doing, right. So we just want to be satisfied at every at every spot. And the other important thing is good enough is good enough. So the thesis that I start with is, with time, some education, some knowledge that's probably out there on the internet, dollars, network, or serendipity every problem can be solved, like with a combination of one of those, you know, of those sorts of solutions, like can we give something enough time it's gonna get solved. If we learn something new, it's gonna get solved. If you know my favorite is typically the network like we can go to the network and help us start working through some of the issues or some dollars can make something work. So you know, I've been in a me talk about like, sort of constant inquiry. There is like, I'd love to write a book, right? But

what does that look like? Let's look at the dollar solution. There's a great I'm forgetting the name of the company is a company for $25,000 bill basically interview for a period of time and and write your book, it's not really ghost written that is your reading and writing along with them, but they're interviewing you. That's the 20th and then you get a good book out of that. I believe. Michael bernoff created his book in that way. It's Tucker max his company or used to be Tucker max his company $25,000. Like, I get out my book, like I, you know, I can invest a period of you know, invest a period of time and I can have my book, there's also a solution. That's like 18 $100 they interview you for like an hour and a half and then you get a book and it's not necessarily as good or you could sit down and do the traditional way of like, sit down and write the book or start to invent another way like, you know, I would like to just I would like to create a book via via transcription.

Via via audio messages, which I have, I've got, you know, 500 to 700 hours worth of audio messages just getting those organized in a way that that creates a book, or and that but the piece I don't have worked on is the editing piece. So that is what we're starting to think about, like, how do we take a transcription link doesn't start to edit. So that's a brainstorm that's actually working in the background all the time. But I believe, you know, talking about the serendipity piece a little bit. There's two bucks accidental genius was where I got started into the brainstorming accidental genius is using free writing is access to your greatest thoughts and just sit down and write for a period of time. And eventually, what's going to happen is you're going to tap into the subconscious mind, and you're going to really start to come up with some good, some, some good ideas, I do free talking because it's, it's when I was doing free writing. The problem is when I would go have subconscious, it would be great, it would feel good. I wouldn't be able to access the thoughts later. For if I do free talking, I can record it and have it for myself later. There's also a book by William Dugan. I believe I'm pronouncing that correctly, there are two William duggins might be Dugan. It's called the seven cents, which like here are possible passions. And here are possible solutions. And you fill in the blanks between the two. Because again, when we started this, we created the wireframe. Because here's the important thing, we want to be able to put stuff out there to be able to get feedback very quickly. So let me talk about real practical applications of starting to do this group brainstorming.

You know, and to to get into to those. Okay, so number one is a top 20 list. So top 20 list works this way, right? So the problem I want to solve it is, let's just say it is okay, it is January 30 2021. And I have skis

where they called I don't want downward skis. I want skis that and I wouldn't I would like I'd write I'd write this down. But I have cross country skis, that I'm so happy with the amount that I and the value that I got on those. Right. Okay. So that's what happened. And then here's what we did, like I'm looking in the future. Okay, so here's what I did, I went to Facebook marketplace number one, I went to Craigslist. Number two, I shared in my audio messages every day that I'm looking for skis, number three, number four, I went to Number five, I set a note for myself to go back to mark blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, like I go all the way through that list in 220. And then, and I'd write that list. And then I'd go through I was like, Alright, it's January 30. Let's think through January 30. And if you look at the future, the future is either going to be like in front of you or off to your right, the future for me, when I close my eyes, it's off to my right. So I look at it's January 30 2020. And now I've got my cross country skis, what did I do, and it shows up for me typically, as a number. Now I can even see it here. Like if I really want to have cross country skis, I would go to Facebook marketplace, I would set a note for myself to go to Facebook marketplace for five minutes every single day to solve the problem, I look for what the best solution is every day for the skis that are actually there. And then I would say, Is this good enough? Or do I need to improve it? If it's not good enough, then what the you know, what are the parameters need to work in to make it good enough, right. And so for me, it typically shows up in number and then immediately I would go to Facebook marketplace if that was something that I was actually really working on, I would go to Facebook marketplace right now it's been five minutes looking for it, I would capture here's the best solution, like here's the distance, here's the cost, here's it, here's my parameters, I got sweat, you know, I've got um, size to size 12 shoes, and then I work on it right and then I'd see like, you know, and then I would, you know put in my to do list to to follow up later. So that's number one as far as the strategy goes. Number two is walk and talk. Those are my favorites. Those are more just like free form, but I can give myself look, the intention of this walk is to come up with additional income opportunities, how do we start monetizing some of these podcasts in a way that's created like not through advertising in a way if you're like working with people directly and so I've been thinking about you know, for a while, like how do we walk and talk and I just go to talk about it for a while here's why it's important to me and but the important thing is I record it and because when I record it my future self or somebody else's future self gets access to it. The best walk and talks like this is this is I'm sitting down for this one actually because I'm actually looking at my sketch. The best ones though are based on a sketch handwritten something at the beginning to get it started which this was you know, this is based on a sketch I'm jumping around a little bit because you don't have a screen. I also don't like post it notes because when you regretting post it notes typically you're looking down I like to look up I like to be present in the world. I like to have everything accessible to me. So please do do it. Just going for a walk and talk record it. If you're looking for the tool to record it on otter is probably the best. It does. It does transcription live. The second one is Yak. Why?

See, because Yak you can start having a conversation with people. So if you want to follow up on any of this hit me up on Yak forward slash Justin F. And we can have a conversation and yak, you can start doing brainstorming, collected with Lee with people asynchronously. And but yeah, and then and then look at it. But the whole idea is you want to get to a place of this feels right? This feels right. The third model, it's based on a TED talk, and I cannot remember I can see her who's created it was created in 2014, it was called drawing your future, where you what you start with is like, here is a drawing of the modern day situation. And then you know, here that's on the left side of the page. And on the right side of the page, is, here's a drawing of the future situation that we want to create. You could do this with stick figures, it doesn't make a difference, like you could do, like I do, like I'm happy ish now like, that's like a little partial smile. And then I'm looking in the future, I'm really happy. It's like, when I start thinking about like, like, goes, I just like, I started thinking about income, like, I want my income to go up, I would draw like an arrow going up, but I'm happy and I'm just like, I a lot of mine are. Here I am today with a bunch of ideas, which are like question marks, or you know, word bubbles. And then here I am today, with a lot of like people impacted, I'll draw like 1000s of stick figures, right. And then you put three arrows in the middle and put three things in there of eo, here's the action that you take. So you want to the big principle, you know, you want to you don't want to go for the one solution that works. You want to give yourself multiple options to be able to pick from to work. So what that does is it creates an abundance of opportunities like salespeople, you know, imagine if you had one lead that you had to close or you had 1000s of leads that you had the opportunity to if you want to create the abundance of opportunity to be able to work through. So thanks a lot for listening to this one is coming in a podcast format. The other thing that I want to I want to hit home with is ship ship quickly. So I got this post at about 1148 at night, on whatever night it was, yeah, I got this posted this request at 1148. At night, I did a sketch immediately, right. I didn't go right to the recording of the podcast, I wanted to go to sleep. But I had it for me when I woke up this morning. And then I shipped that I sent that in the note it didn't even make any sense. But when you ship things, you automatically kick off the feedback loop and the feedback loop might be people ignore it. The feedback loop might be people get back to you the feedback loop might like oh, this is the greatest thing in the world. Don't prejudge, your work is great or not great out of time, because you have no idea what the things are that are going to make the biggest difference. So thanks so much for listening to this one. I really do appreciate you and have an amazing day. Save your most important documents and photos and the cloud on Microsoft 365 subscription gives you a full terabyte of secure OneDrive storage plus an added layer of protection with OneDrive personal vault by now at Microsoft 360 slash photos. a different future starts with you. That's why GoDaddy does more to help you find a name. You can create, sell and get found online so any small business can drive change or build an empire because old ideas aren't cutting it anymore. This new year. We need a new generation of thinking, your way of thinking. So whatever you have in mind that will help make a different future. find everything you need to get because the future isn't decided yet. It's still ours to win, start