Feb. 8, 2021

What is your secret sauce?

A Blog Post created with GPT-3 unedited.

What is your secret sauce? What is that thing about you that makes you tick? How did it start? Where did it come from? Is there something that drives and inspires you to be engaged in your work? How do you keep going, day after day, year after year and decade upon decade? 

As humans, we each have our own unique personality. We each bring a variety of experiences to the table in the form friendships, romantic relationships, and journey's taken. There is something special about us that has shaped us into who we are as individuals. The secret sauce that makes you tick is your character. What characteristics do you possess that are unlike anyone else? Your secret sauce is what has made you into who you are today. 

What is your secret sauce? For high performers like you, it’s often the ability to raise the bar on what is possible, to be trend-setters in creating new and exciting categories, and to be highly productive and happy. Sound familiar? 

On the work front, most of us tend to relate with our co-workers and bosses on a more personal level. We share tales about our spouses, families, pet-dogs or cats, hobbies and other bits and pieces from the lives that we lead outside of office confines. Consequently, our innermost feelings and desires are sometimes brought into work, and used during office interactions as well. True "secret sauce" is what helps make you the person you are today. 

For many, an interview can be a lot like a steak dinner. The experience is enjoyable, but lacks a certain something. It's like asking what makes you tick and instead of the candidate telling their success story they are stuck telling you about, for instance, how to make a perfect steak. 

I think everyone has secrets, but of course we prefer not to share them in public. In my previous post, I asked " How much do you charge? ", and promised to follow up with the secret sauce that makes me different and commands such a high rate. Here are a few suggestions on how to answer this question: 

 If you had to describe your personality to someone, who would that person be? If an executive at your company tried making the case for hiring or promoting you, what quality or skills would he or she tout as your strongest attribute?